School Lunch 2050

What is School Lunch 2050?

School Lunch 2050 is an educational and research project on climate change, food systems, and the imagination of futures. It includes an installation and this homepage. At the moment it is focused on Japan, but we are happy to make more versions for other contexts.

School Lunch 2050 was established by the FEAST Project.

Maximilian Spiegelberg (FEAST Project)
Scenarios (Content):
FEAST Project team
Future lunch sets:
Yuko Matsuoka & Yuko Kobayashi (FEAST Project)
Yuko Kobayashi (FEAST Project)
Research Assistance:
Leo Porte & Haruka Tonegawa
Scenario illustrations:
Elie Tanabe (田辺エリ, Sustena Inc.)
Homepage Design & Code:
Martin Heidegger

More information can be found at the FEAST Page.

The School Lunch 2050 homepage has been funded by National Institutes for Humanities and the Research Institute for Humanity and Nature.

License Information

The photos of the lunch sets are licensed under the Creative Commons BY SA license by the FEAST Project.

The scenario illustrations are specifically licensed for the_school-lunch2050.org_website and the website, Copyright by:

Sustena Inc.
〒151-0063 Tokyo, Shibuya City, Tomigaya, 1-chōme−46−7
Premier Bran Yoyogi Park 706

This website uses following additional assets:

Earth by Valeriy
Arrow and Heat by kiddo
Heat Lines by Madleine Bennett
"Mountain scale" and "Container boat" by Martin Heidegger, licensed under the Creative Commons BY SA license.
"Photo" by Peter Gargiulo
Caveat Brush

The code for the website can be found on github. This website is hosted using Netlify and Cloudflare.